200 (+1)

Just hit the 201-post milestone – this was supposed to be the 200th post but kinda forgot to keep count, lol.

This blog has evolved from today-i-learned journal to a laid-back journal where I stash some of my thoughts and discoveries. Like Critter said, the reason I’ve kept up with this stupid blog to remember the things I learn and think.

Still, as of writing this my posts have total of 18,697 reads. That's insane. If someone finds what I write useful, fucking awesome. Couldn't be happier.

Last time I hit 100x milestone I listed top 10 toasted posts, this time you'll get my top 10 read posts (so far)

  1. Host Telegram bot for free, with persistent storage! (1,545 reads)
  2. Host Telegram bot for free (with database!) (1,207 reads)
  3. Shared Preferences vs Hive for storing objects | Flutter (940 reads)
  4. Best tablet for reading manga (648 reads)
  5. You can't throw away your smartphone (607 reads)
  6. Remove Discord window minimum size (573 reads)
  7. Use the old toast button in Bearblog (456 reads)
  8. Telegraf tips (319 reads)
  9. You don't need a numpad (313 reads)
  10. Useful mac tools (307 reads)

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