4 hopes for 2024

I just read 24 Hopes for 2024 and wanted to make similar post myself, expect instead of focusing on many tiny things I just want to focus on few, bigger themes. Here are what I hope from 2024.

1. Go with the flow

In the last 2 years or so I've started to dislike todo lists and started to like physical wall calendars. This year I really hope to just go with the flow, don't force myself to do anything, don't plan any unnecessary stuff and just do whatever feels good at the moment. My recipe for this is to do your habits first thing in the morning, then do your work, and after work just enjoy life.

2. Don't digest shit

I'm a really crap cook and I hope to change that in 2024. You are literally what you eat, so don't eat shit. Cook your own meals. Try to use organic foods whenever you can. Generally less processed = better. This also includes drugs, I want to minimize my alcohol consumption (which is literally a poison) and I started this year with the promise of not drinking any alcohol for 3 months 🤘

3. Practice gratefulness

Life is good but all the news, media, ads and blinding lights makes you feel like there's only bad in this world. I've already cut that shit out of my life as best as I can. I have great things and great people in my life, now it's time to just breathe and be grateful of everything. Bonus points for telling people you're grateful of them, and spreading positivity :)

4. Face my fears

Year and a half ago I realized (thanks to my lovely sis) that I have so much unconscious fear that controls my actions, silently from the shadows, without me even realizing it. I believe almost every people have, and nobody is truly free until they accept their fears and understand where they come from. Facing your fears requires you to be open minded and vulnerable. It's not easy but I plan to continue this path, because it just feels right.


I feel pretty good about life and the future. 2023 was probably my best year so far, but definitely not the easiest. I'll end this post and start 2024 with a quote I always liked:

“If you're going through hell, keep going.”

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