6 dimensions of psychological well-being

6 dimensions of psychological well-being from Carol Ryff

  1. Personal development: are you on a path of personal development, are you doing things to develop yourself?

  2. Direction in life: do you have inspiration, do you have goal or direction you are marching towards in life?

  3. Autonomy: do you feel like you have control over your time?

  4. Environmental mastery: is the physical space you live in (your city, your house) conducive to you doing all the things that you want to do in life?

  5. Relationships: do you have strong relationship with other people? Romantically or platonically, do you feel like you have connections? Do you have friends?

  6. Self acceptance: knowing the demons inside you, and being okay with them. It's accepting that I'm good, I have also have some bad, and I accept my bad.

If you are working towards all those six dimensions, you will reach self-actualization.

From Paul Brunson on DOAC

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