Create custom Android power menu buttons with Tasker

I recently discovered Android's new power menu and immediately knew what I wanted to do: a button to open the door for my bouldering gym. Previously I've had to open it through their crappy website which always took like 10-15 seconds and multiple clicks.

My magic button to open my boulder gym's door

The magic button was really easy to do with Tasker, which is an Android app you can use to automate pretty much everything. All I basically had to do was send HTTP POST request with my token in the body. Here's how to do something similar (power menu button to send HTTP request):

  1. Create HTTP Request as a task in Tasker.
    1. Open the 'tasks' tab
    2. Add new (+ icon in the circle)
    3. Add action (+ icon in the circle)
    4. 'Net' → 'HTTP Request' (NOT 'Http Post', it's deprecated)
    5. Add your request details (method, url, headers, body)
    6. Save your task
  2. Add it to the power menu
    1. Open power menu (by pressing power button for like 1-2 seconds)
    2. Open menu (three dots)
    3. 'Add controls'
    4. 'See other apps'
    5. 'Tasker'
    6. Select the task you just made
    7. Save

That's it! I was kinda lazy with screenshots but I'm sure you can figure out if I missed anything :)