Biking is fun 🚴‍♀️

When I turned 16 I got a motorcycle and kinda just stopped using my bike. When I turned 18 I got a car and sold my motorcycle. Now I'm 22 and starting to enjoy bike commuting once again.

I don't know why, but traveling with bike is satisfying for some reason. It's slow and everything, and especially now when it's winter you have to put a ton of clothing to not freeze to death. But I still prefer it over using my car. It's also free.

I have this 10 years old single speed 24" bike (called Jopo, pre popular in Finland) which is still going strong. It's slow but it just works. I should probably refurnish it as it has seen some pre rough stuff: the seat is sliced up, the handlebar is bent and it's been painted black with spray cans, but the paint is coming off so you can see patches of green 🤣

I also have a 21-speed road bike but it's not as satisfying for some reason. You have to change gears, use 2 brake levers etc. It's not much work but with Jopo you just hop on and pedal. If you want to stop, pedal backwards and it stops. I love the simplicity.

Living near the city center also helps, as I have almost everything within few kilometers. It's so fun to find these things which you enjoy and which also simplify your life. Currently I still need car for some things, but my endgame is to get rid of it. Then I don't have to pay all the car related costs, and more importantly, I don't ever have to maintenance it! (Though my father does it anyway most of the time. Thanks dad :))

Picture of Saariselkä I was supposed to insert a picture of my bike here but looks like I'm too lazy to go and take a picture of it. So here's a low quality picture taken in Saariselkä from my recent trip.

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