My first festival experience

Last weekend was my first time going to a festival (Blockfest 2022). It was quite rough weekend but I absolutely loved it! On day 1 there weren't many artists I wanted to listen but day 2 was very busy, it was over quicker than I can remember :D

I don't really want to share any particular stories from the weekend but here are some thoughts and tips (mainly for myself) to keep in mind next time I go to a festival.

Small artists are better ğŸŽ™ï¸

Artist being big doesn't mean he's a good performer. 50 cent was the main headline of Blockfest and his show was the worst one I saw there. He had no showmanship or anything, which is understandable considering this is just a money grab gig for him in a city he's never even heard of before. On the contrary, you could see how excited the smaller artists were and the effort they put in.

This obviously doesn't mean big names are always bad. Easily the best show was from JVG, which is one of the biggest names in Finland (They're Finnish rap duo).

Bring your own drinks 🍺

The drinks inside the festival area were super expensive. But that's not the worst of it, you had to line up for literally 30 minutes to get your turn. Also the cashless wristband (only way to pay there) didn't always work. So either drink your drinks outside the area or smuggle them in but don't bother buying inside.

Consider buying 1 day ticket ğŸŽŸï¸

No point in buying 2 day tickets if there aren't any good artists. On day 1 there were only 2 artists I was excited of (and only 1 of them ended up being good). I think it was worth to buy the 2 day ticket to get the full experience, but next time I won't do it unless both days have multiple artists I like.

Smaller concerts might be fun as well 🏟️

I haven't really attended single artist concerts before but they might be fun as well. Especially when every single person in the audience is there to see that one particular artist, maybe the atmosphere is even better. Gotta keep an eye open for possible concerts in my home town.

Watching from far away is vibe 🧘‍♂️

It was fun to dance in the front row but for smaller artists, which you want to see but don't necessarily know many songs, just watch from far away (but not too far). You see the artist better, you see the whole crowd etc., it's just vibe.

Watching Kube in Blockfest 2022

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