Tips on reducing Reddit usage

Reddit is pre much the only social media I still spend time on. Reddit is great for niche communities but it's also a rabbit hole which might steal your attention for hours if you let it. Here are some tips on reducing unnecessary browsing, while still reaping the benefits of using Reddit


Firefox | Chrome

I use LeechBlock to block the frontpage and any other unecessary pages so I can only access subreddits, and post comments. Here's my domain list:

// Block Set 1

In case you want to block specific subreddits you can add them to Block Set 2. This is important since block sets are applied sequentially, it won't work if you add them to Block Set 1.

// Block Set 2

Reddit Enhancement Suite

If you're a poweruser like me you're probably already using RES. If not, try it out, it's great! Here are some RES tricks to see less posts

Here's example of what r/nosurf looks for me after disabling never Ending Reddit and hiding low-score points:

r/nosurf with filters

RSS feed

If you're already using RSS reader I'd just recommend putting your favorite subreddits there, and getting like the 2 top voted posts every week. This way you get the interesting stuff but don't have to do any scrolling on Reddit.

I use this Reddit RSS feed by u/still-standing and it works great. You can get the top posts each week with this:


Delete the phone app

If you're wasting time browsing Reddit on your phone just delete the app. Reddit on browser on phone absolutely sucks which makes you not wanna use it.

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