dreams are just our subconscious thoughts

As I've become more self-aware I've started to notice faster different thoughts and feelings which are being formed somewhere in my mind, but are still kinda under the surface and not something I actively think about.

And when I think about the stuff that happens in my dreams, a lot of it is somehow related to those thoughts and feelings which are rising up but not reached the surface yet.

Now, not all dreams are about unconscious thoughts, sometimes things you are actively thinking about appear in your dreams. I remember 2 very strong dreams I've had; one when I was learning to code and my dream was just full of code. Another one when I learned to play chess and chess pieces just appeared and moved randomly in my dream. I can't remember anything specific about those dreams but clearly my mind was processing all the stuff I had been learning during the day.

A few days ago my partner told me that sometimes she thinks about day-to-day stuff in her dreams, like planning the next day or something like that. And you know what? Something similar happened to me last night.

I've been playing Hollow Knight for the past few days, I absolutely love it. It's not a puzzle game but it has some items which are in tricky places, and you need to figure out on your own how to reach that place. One item I've found but not been able to get is on a platform which is too far away to jump onto that platform, and there are spikes in between which hurt you. I just thought that I'm missing some ability which allows me to get to that item. Then, last night I was dreaming about Hollow Knight and in my dream I realized I can spoiler at the end of this post if you're interested. Also figured out some other, less important stuff.

I've had times previously where I kinda just learned something during my sleep. But this is the first time I actually remember dreaming about something that's been on my mind, solving the problem in the dream, remembering the dream and actually being right about the solution. Cool :)

Hollow Knight spoiler Do spike jumps, the same way you hit an enemy from above to get an extra jump! :D

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