Custom searches in Firefox

In Firefox you can usually right click a search box and choose "Add a keyword for this Search..."

Add Bookmark in Firefox

Here you can specify a keyword for your custom search. In my example, I added yt for the YouTube search bar. Now when I type yt lofi to the url bar my browser directly opens the results page for that search query! Much better than opening youtube.com and the choosing the search box and then writing your query.

You can also make custom ones yourself by going to Hamburger menu → Bookmarks → Manage bookmarks (⇧ + ⌘ + o) → Gear icon → Add bookmark...

Then specify the name, url and keyword which triggers the search. In the url you can use %s placeholder for the search query. Here's one I've created to directly open Jira tickets at work (idea from here):

Jira search bookmark Open Jira tickets directly with jira 12345

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