Just ran my first 10k

I started running for the first time this summer. At first I did 2-3 km runs which were kinda rough, but I quickly improved and just did my first 10k today! 🥳 I'd say doing lots of short runs in the beginning was worth it since it built the foundation, and jump from that to 10k was pre easy actually (~3k → 5k → 10k). I was supposed to do a 7k run but accidentally took a wrong turn, so it ended up being 10k 🤑

Anyways, I found my journal entries about the first 5 runs I did.


Run 1

  • First one done! 2,5km, chill pace
  • Ran with a friend which made it a lot easier
  • My legs were immediately sore after the run
  • If all runs are gonna be this easy it's gonna be great
  • update: Also my back is sore the next day

Run 2

  • Ran the day 1 route alone this time
  • Was a lot harder when running alone!
  • Weather was also close to 0 Celsius, that probably affects
  • Podcasts are great when running alone, tho still prefer to run without any external stuff
  • After the run taking deep breaths kinda hurt for a while, but I googled that it's completely normal

Run 3

  • I played ping pong for like an hour with my roommate (great warm up!)
  • Didn't feel like running at all, but went for a really quick ~1 km run
  • The short run felt as painful as the previous longer ones, so no point in doing short runs lol

Run 4

  • Yesterday was Vappu (special day in Finland), so I took few beers and didn't feel like running today
  • Luckily my roommate motivated me to go and it was surprisingly easy
  • We were supposed to do a short run but ended up running longest route so far! Over 3 km
  • It didn't feel bad at all, first run I truly enjoyed
  • Already noticed how my running had improved

Run 5

  • Instead of planning the route we just started running with no plan
  • Did a basic 2,5km run, with some stairs in the middle of it
  • This was the first time I was able to momentarily forget that I was running, and just be zen
  • Tho those zen moments didn't last long, I realized what I was doing pretty fast after relaxing

After those 5 runs I probably did about 10 more short runs and then did the 5k and 10k. Now I actually enjoy running and find it a great way to unwind my mind. So just keep running! 🏃‍♂️


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