Great time to buy a GPU

I sold my PC and Xbox controller to a friend few months ago, since I thought I'm not interested in video games anymore. You can probably guess that ever since that, I've wanted to play some video games. So now I'm building a new PC and ordered a new game controller :D

Anyway, I just wanted to tell that now that mining crypto isn't that worth it anymore for various reasons, many miners are selling their GPUs for affordable price. If you're worried about the GPUs performance after it's been used for mining check this video from Linus Tech Tips (TLDW: No difference at all)

Just make sure to ask the seller in what conditions it's been used to mine. The one I bought (RTX 3070) had been used in a filtered & ventilated space, with max temperatures of 60-65°

Whether you wanna give any money to miners is up to you :)

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