I hate my Ikea Markus

Ikea Markus is an affordable office chair from Ikea. It gets constantly hyped on Reddit and is supposed to be great chair for the price... but it's absolutely trash. Here are some of the reasons I hate it:

  • Arm rests are fixed. You can't move them, in any direction.
  • Arm rests are in the way. They're so high they hit your desk if you get too close, so if you want to keep the arm rests you need to sit way too far.
    • Luckily you can remove them easily.
  • The seat length is too long, even though I'm pretty tall. And you can't adjust it.
  • The back is too wide and badly shaped, my elbows are constantly hitting it.
  • The lumbar support is too aggressive. And you can't adjust it.
  • The head rest is completely useless.
  • There is no tilting mechanism! You can lock the tilt angle, but that's totally different thing.

Since there's almost no adjustments at all, it has to fit your body to be any good. And it doesn't fit my body, at all. I can't wait to get rid of this chair. My best options for a new chair are currently Steelcase Leap and Herman Miller Embody, but I'll have to try them out before purchasing (and unfortunately there are no suppliers for them in my town :/)


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