Input/output ratio

I think the very fundamental reason I write this blog is to balance my input/output ratio. Because it's so accessible, we all consume so much data nowadays but seldomly create anything new. I think I've started to enjoy consuming media more after I started this blog. Maybe I'll write a more thought-out post about this topic, but for now, here is a great snatch from Dann's "Why I write a newsletter":

I think a lot about my own personal input/output ratio. I don’t want to be just a mindless consumer: watching TV/movies, reading articles/books, playing video games, etc, without giving back to the world in the form of some type of output.

I don’t consider myself a typical creative type. I wouldn’t describe writing as an essential part of my being, nor am I drawn to it in the way many authors describe. Instead, it’s all about maximizing enjoyment — I find myself enjoying consumption more when I’m also regularly creating.

Perhaps you’ve never thought about your personal input/output ratio before. And maybe you’ll never think about it again after you finish this article. But it’s also possible that once this concept is in your head, it’ll never leave. Every time you flip on the TV or navigate to YouTube you’ll feel that ratio getting worse, and then you’ll have no choice but to start a newsletter of your very own.

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