Karhunkierros, my first backpacking trip

Last weekend I did my first backpacking trip: Karhunkierros, 82 km through a Finnish national park. I've never really hiked before (other than like 10 km in my sneakers), or even slept outdoors, but it was absolutely worth it. Depending on my physical condition it could either be super fun or just straight up hellish, and I had no idea which one it was going to be. But like they say, adventure starts when you hit the point of no return, and it definitely did feel like an adventure!

Views Views

My original intention was to do a reflection of the journey, what went good, what went bad and such. But I don't really know what else to say than that it was challenging and something I'll remember for the rest of my life. There were moments when you just relaxed, enjoyed the views and everything were perfect. And then there were moments when you were hungry and tired and every muscle in your legs were sore but still only halfway through your daily goal. But that's what makes the view from the top feel even grandeur.

Me chilling in a hammock Me chilling in a hammock

I definitely recommend everyone to try hiking/backpacking! Being offline for 4 days and constantly pushing yourself forward has a positive effect on your mind, so go and find some adventures you can do! 🪂

Me enjoying the views on last day Me enjoying the views on last day, ~10 km to go

Here are some important tips if you one day decide to go on camping:

  1. Backpacking is a hobby where gear matters. So don't cheap out, buy the most hifi stuff you can find and you'll thank yourself
  2. Don't overpack. When you have dozens of kilometers behind you every gram matters
  3. Don't rush it! We did the 82 km in 75 hours which was way too fast. I would've enjoyed it so much more if we had more time
  4. Pick good shoes. I can't say which are the best shoes for you, but from my small experience I can say that more minimal = better. I did about 50 km of the route in barefoot shoes and my feet were in perfect condition (other than sore). After I switched to hiking boots, my feet were sweaty and started to develop blisters. I had to use boots since the terrain was so rough and we were on a tight schedule

PS. I wrote this post in June, just forgot to post it :D