Easy way to learn meditation

I was recently listening to joovai? -podcast (🇫🇮) where one of the hosts told how he learned to meditate. It includes one year subscription to Headspace which honestly have the best guided meditations I've ever heard. Anyway it goes like this:

  1. Get a 1-year Headspace subscription, which includes 14 day trial (so 379 days total)
  2. First do all the 'Basics' courses (30 days)
  3. Do whatever courses and meditations you want for 269 days. Pick something that you find interesting
  4. Do all the pro courses (80 days)

After doing these you should be pretty confident in your meditation skills and won't need Headspace anymore. I'm still in the Basics courses (day 14) and so far it's been effortless journey. I will give an update once I've done the full year!

One tip I found helps me is to do the meditation first thing in the morning. After I wake up I brush my teeth and then immediately go meditate. In the morning your brain ain't full of distractions so it's so much easier to sit still for a while :)

#self-improvement #zen