Left my phone in the garage

I was fixing my bike yesterday in the garage, and left my phone there. My apartment is in the 5th floor and the garage is on the ground floor. Me being me I was too lazy to go get it, so now it's been there almost 24 hours. It's been pretty great being without phone for a while - I still have my Macbook so not really offline but I guess the scrolling is really different on phone than it is on desktop.

Anyway, this got me thinking what am I still using my phone for, and do I need to do it on the phone?

  • Shopping list → need to find some x-platform app
  • Interval timer (for stretching) → can use some timer on laptop
  • Headspace → can use from laptop
  • Microsoft Authenticator → unfortunately I need this for work :/
  • WhatsApp → I can use web.whatsapp.com when needed (but will miss all notifications :D)
  • Expenses tracker → need to move to a Google Sheets or something

There's nothing I can do about Microsoft Authenticator, but I definetly need to change my current shopping list solution. Interval timer and Headspace I can use from laptop but since I use those things first in the morning I don't know if opening up desktop is any better than just using my phone.

Anyway, it was nice noticing how little I need my phone for.

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