Windows to Mac

I've now had a Macbook for 9 weeks. Before this I've always used Windows, expect for some short periods where I tried to run Linux on my desktop but always ended up reinstalling Windows. At first I only intended to use Mac for work purposes (since my workplace didn't have any good Windows laptops to offer), but I got so used to it that I don't use my Windows laptop almost at all anymore! Anyway, here are some stuff I like and some stuff I don't like about Mac, coming for (ex) Windows user.

What I like

Clean UI ğŸŽ¨

As we all know Windows UI isn't really consistent. MacOS UI looks so much better, it's consistent and just feels faster and more reliable. Mac also has proper dark theme unlike Windows.

Native terminal #️⃣

Probably the biggest point for me. Using Oh My Zsh on iTerm2 is just pleasant experience. On Windows I used Git BASH on Windows Terminal. It worked but now that I'm used to native terminal it just feels... slow 🐌

Shortcuts ⌨️

I guess this is just personal preference but I think Mac shortcuts in general are better. Especially shortcuts on terminal feel much better, for example CMD + V to paste instead of Shift + INS

What I don't like

Finder 📁

It looks better, but apart from that I find Windows explorer to be superior in almost every way. Navigating just feels less intuitive with Mac's Finder, or maybe I'm just not used to it 🤷‍♂️ Also, the dialog boxes when you have to select a file or something are absolutely infuriating!

Unfocused windows require double click 🖱

I've kinda got used to this already, but you can't just click a button on an unfocused window like you could in Windows. First you need to click the window to focus it, and only then you can click the button. That's twice as many clicks 😒

Price 💸

Getting a Macbook costs a lot more that getting a Windows laptop/pc. I guess you could run Hackintosh, but I have no idea how reliable they are. If you're not a student or freelancer you could always try to ask your employer for a new MacBook Pro!


Honestly I expected this pros/cons list to be a lot longer, but didn't find any more interesting points. Overall macOS isn't perfect nevertheless in my experience it's way more usable, prettier, smoother, faster and reliable than Windows. Not planning to use Windows anymore.

I might update this post in the future if I come up with more points.

PS. If you understand Finnish and like podcasts we also have a Koodikrapula episode about this topic 🙂

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