Morning runs

I've been running every morning (well, not on weekends) a very short run for a few weeks now. And it really is a short run: only 1 kilometer (0.6 miles). The point is to do it immediately after you wake up. I'm outside with my shoes on about 5 minutes after my alarm clock goes off.

This is a very great way to wake up. Not only you get fresh air first thing in the morning, you also tell your body that it's time to do shit. It's not fun when the alarm clock goes off, but after the run you feel so energized and fresh. Especially if you take a cold shower afterwards.

It's also great to see progress with so little effort. The few first times even the 1 km felt unpleasant as you do it half asleep and with an empty stomach. Now I can do it without breaking a sweat, while breathing through nose. I've done ~2 km runs a few times but usually it's the regular 1 km.

Fly bitch meme Last panel demonstrates how it feels to force yourself to run first thing in the morning

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