morning thoughts


I wanted to write something, even though I've got nothing particular in mind. So I guess I'll just dump whatever my brain comes up with.

Lately life has been good. And since most of my life hasn't been particularly happy (there has been happy moments but generally it's just been... haze. Living life without truly living it), I recognize that my brain is kinda expecting something shitty to happen sooner or later. But that's alright. Time will pass regardless if you enjoy it or not. So breathe deep and try to get the most of it.

"As long as you see time as something to be Spent Well or Wasted, you are trapped in continual self-evaluations of your time. You are scoring your minutes and hours and days and levying judgements on them, with that quiet hum of assessment always running in the background."
– from This Moment is Your Life


I've also been getting into hacking recently. It's fun. It's way more fun to break stuff than to build stuff. I'm still a noob, but my background in programming and just generally being a huge nerd certainly helps. It's exciting to jump into a new area where there's so much to learn you can never learn it all. Feels the same when I first started to learn programming.


Have a great day, and remember, ur awsom ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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