Logitech MX Ergo review

I've used Logitech MX Ergo for ~4 months now. This isn't my first trackball mouse, before this on I had Logitech M570 for almost a year. Unfortunately I lost the receiver for that one and decided to just buy a new mouse :D This post is mostly review about the MX Ergo, but I also wanted to write out some general benefits of trackball mouses.

MX Ergo

How to use it 🧑‍🏫

The point is to move the ball with your thumb, instead of moving the whole mouse with your hand. There are 3 tiny sensors beneath the ball which detect which way the ball is moving. Other than that it works just like a regular mouse; you got scroll wheel, M1, M2 and backward/forward buttons. The learning curve to trackball mouses is surprisingly fast. If you just stick with it, you get used to it within a week.

Purple hand, lol

Why to use it ✍️

Before writing this I had completely forgotten why I even bought my first trackball mouse. I used to have wrist pain when on computer for more than a couple of hours. After doing some research I ended up buying Logitech M570 (trackball mouse) and pretty quickly my wrist pain was all gone! Seriously, if you got any wrist pain try out some trackball mouse. Even if you don't have any pain, you should invest in ergonomics. After getting used to this, regular mouses feel just... dump to use 🤷 I should probably make another post on why I think investing in ergonomics is always worth it (if you work in IT or some other similar office job)

Angle options

Not only this mouse requires less movement from you, it has better angle. You can tilt this mouse 20° which puts your forearm into much more comfortable position! With a regular mouse you need to twist your arm, which I can't really explain, but check out this picture:

Regular mouse twists your arm

Pros 💯

Cons 🥴

Summary ✳️

Overall this is a solid mouse. The biggest downside is that you have to clean the sensors, but it's no biggie compared to all the benefits. If you have any wrist problems, or just generally want to improve your ergonomics (which you should) definitely try out trackball mouse! I have absolutely no intention of going back to regular mouse (but I do want to buy another trackball 🤪)

MX Ergo

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