Norway 2022

Since it looks like I'm also posting personal experiences here, why not post this as well. We went for a roadtrip to Norway with some friends a few weeks back. It was a 5-day trip with an RV.

I didn't take too many pictures, but here are my favorite ones. Don't want to share pictures of my friends so had to leave some out.

Bridge Our first sleeping spot was near this bridge. We drove almost 700km on the first day.

View from top of the bridge I just had to climb on top of that bridge 🐒

Climbing for a mountain Climbing for our first mountain.

Top of Segla Top of the mountain! If I had to guess I'd say it was 639 meters from the sea.

Me on top of Segla Me chilling there 🤙

My friend on top of Segla My friend chilling there 🤙

Sleeping spot Our third sleeping spot, the views were superb here even if it doesn't show in the picture. Unfortunately it was kinda raining so we didn't manage to climb any other mountains :/

Road Road to the misty mountains 🗻

Waterfall from Gorsa Bridge Waterfall from Gorsa Bridge. Too bad I didn't take any better pictures but it was HUGE, the gorge was over 150m tall.

Gorsa Bridge views Views from the other side of the Gorsa Bridge.

Overall a very successful trip and one thing off my bucket list. I'd recommend road trips if you want a low effort trip, just take you car and equipment and go somewhere with great views and stuff. We didn't have any plan, we just started driving towards Norway and figured out what we wanna do during the car trip.