How I use Obsidian at work

Obisidian is my favorite note-taking tool, I use it for both personal stuff and work stuff. Before Obsidian I had my work notes on one big .txt file, which worked but was messy. Now that I use Obsidian I feel organized and can actually find stuff I've documented before. Here's my method 🪨


I use templates plugin for 2 things: daily notes and ticket notes. Daily note is something I create every morning, and fill it during the day as relevant stuff comes in. Ticket note is something I create for every Jira ticket I create (unless it's really quick and easy fix), and fill it with notes relevant to the ticket.

Daily template

#daily | 📅 {{time}}

← [[]] | [[]] →

# {{date}}
## Notes

## Must do

## Nice to do

## Tickets

## Meetings

## Data dump


There's my template, now let's go through what each section is for

  1. #daily - just a hashtag for coloring the Obsidian graph view
  2. 📅 {{time}} - I use the time placeholder for day of the week, e.g. Tuesday
  3. ← [[]] | [[]] → - Placeholders for previous and next day backlinks. Backlinks are like a shortcut to another page, one of the biggest reasons I love Obsidian (you don't have to stress about organizing files in a tree structure)
  4. # {{date}} - Title of the page, self-explanatory
  5. ## Notes - Relevant miscellaneous notes about the day
  6. ## Must do - First thing in the morning I write my primary goals here, usually tickets etc.
  7. ## Nice to do - Second thing in the morning I write my secondary goals here. Having important and not-so-important tasks separated is really helpful. I'm most productive in the morning, so that's when I tackle the important stuff. After that I can move to this list if I still have time and energy
  8. ## Tickets - Backlinks to different ticket notes I've worked during the day
  9. ## Meetings - Notes about the meetings of the day, if I have some
  10. ## Data dump - This is important for me. Basically it's a message for me for the next day. Relevant information, if I have to remember something or if I have to stop working when I'm in a middle of something
  11. ## TLDR - TLDR on what I worked on during the day. Helps with daily's, tho I forget to fill this pretty often.

Here's an example of what my daily note might look like at the end of the day:

Obsidian daily note example

Ticket template

This one's much simpler. In fact it only has 2 rows:

🌍 https://jira.workdomain.com/browse/{{title}}
# {{title}}

The note I create has the same name as the Jira ticket, so the link gets generated automatically. After that I usually add brief description of the ticket in parentheses (as seen in daily note example) so it's easier to find.

Then I just write stuff related to the ticket on that note, usually separated by date (which also works as a backling to the daily note). Sometimes it's 0 rows, sometimes it's 10 rows and sometimes it's hundreds of rows. Here's an example of a finished ticket note.

Obsidian ticket note example

#obsidian #work