Quantity vs. quality

This is my 23rd daily blog post. I kinda started these daily posts half-accidentally and now I don't want to stop, even though this probably only causes more useless low effort posts.

I was re-listening Atomic Habits (one of the best books I've ever read!) recently where the author explained about a photography class where the students were divided into 2 groups: quantity group and quality group. Quantity group was graded on how many pictures they took. Quality group was graded on how great picture they took, and they only had to submit one picture.

At the end of the term, the teacher noticed that all of the best pictures were taken by the quantity group. Why? Because they actually got their hands dirty and did something, trained their skills instead of sitting around and thinking how to take the best possible picture.

The lesson is that just do something, do it often and you will get better at it. I was originally planning to rant on how I'm too tired to write anything (was partying the whole weekend and still haven't recovered), but after writing the first paragraph I remember the quantity vs. quality story and just... started writing something. And writing this post improved my content writing skills, even if only a teeny-weeny bit.

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