it ain't that deep

You know when you get interested in some topic, start learning about it more and realize just how much depth there is to the subject? When you found the rabbit hole you had absolutely no idea how deep it would go. Whatever the subject is, you learn, you research, you investigate and most importantly, you enjoy the process.

If you're this kind of person you know what I'm talking about. Some things go deeper than others: researching a day for the perfect backpack, or programming your whole life, discovering new stuff, but still never learning it all. Cause you can't. Cause the rabbit hole never ends.

And sometimes you come back from the rabbit hole, back to the surface level (where most people reside) with all that extra knowledge. Realizing that no, I don’t need to have a 5-day split, eat creatine, calculate protein and have an excel table of my lift weights. I can just go to the gym and lift weights.

I don’t need to use fancy .reduce one-liners, I don’t need to do DRY code, split everything into micro-services, read hacker news, use all the latest fancy js frameworks or whatever. I can just write code like Grug.

For me the latest rabbit hole has been human behavior, trauma, attachment theory and how they all relate to each other. And I enjoy so muchhhhh learning about a topic I’m interested, I’ve learned so much about human behavior in the last year or so. I’ve read books and stuff from internet, watched videos and lectures, started therapy, discussed about it all dozens of hours with friends. Learned to understand other people on so much deeper level, and most importantly, learned to recognize, analyze and accept my own feelings.

It has literally been life-changing. I’ve always been interested in psychology and will continue learning about the topic as life goes on. I also will find other rabbit holes where I’ll lose myself for a while, then come back as a different person.

But at the end of the day, you don’t wanna stay in the rabbit hole forever. That’s not where the sun shines. So you climb back up, with all that extra knowledge with you. It becomes part of you, part of your understanding of the world. And you realize, it ain’t that deep, or at least it doesn’t have to be that deep. The most basic barebones version of the advice/hobby/activity/knowledge/thing/whatever usually holds most of the magic.

Of course, often you need to research the whole thing in-and-out to understand it yourself.

I guess the bell curve meme sums up my thoughts pretty well :D

Bell curve meme about lifting weights

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