Ratings are the thief of joy

I love good stories. That's why I read and watch so much stuff. I also love geeking out on any good stories and fictional worlds. Despite all of that, I don't usually give ratings. It ruins the experience for me. It's fine to review stuff you've watched/read a while ago, but I usually start to think about what rating I want to give during I'm watching the film. That's not good. The movie should be the main dish, and the review should be dessert; not the other way around.

This also goes the other way around: checking a movie's rating before watching it can greatly affect your expectations, thus greatly altering your experience. That's why I nowadays try to never check the rating of a movie I'm about to watch. "Good" film can be boring, and a "bad" film can be enjoyable.

I recently moved to Helsinki and started to rate restaurants. I think I'm gonna have to stop doing that as well. Kinda ruins the experience for me :/

"When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure"

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