Screens before bed

I got a new tablet 2 days ago. I bought it for reading manga, since reading on laptop isn't really optimal.

Of course I've been excited about it and reading all day. This includes reading in the bed, just moments before I fall asleep.

My last 2 nights have been the worst: I have absolutely 0 memories of either of those nights (I usually remember waking up once or twice) and getting out of bed has been a hellish struggle. It's like I didn't rest at all.

After getting out of bed I've felt like I've been hit by a truck. This of course means half-assing morning routines, which starts a negative feedback loop.

Using screens in bed is like fucking your future self over. I guess it's a good thing to remind yourself every once in a while what happens when you break your own rules :D

I wonder how so many people can use their phone in the bed till' they fall asleep.

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#journal #self-improvement