seriously fuck coffee

Last fall I slowly started to drink coffee again... first every now and then, then multiple times a week, then every day. During Christmas when I was visiting my family my coffee consumption increased and I drank at least 2 cups a day (or equivalent amount of other caffeinated drinks)

Around Christmas I also started experiencing much higher levels of anxiety, less appreciation for life, and just generally less living in the moment. 2 days ago I got a super strong feeling that I really need to cut coffee out of my life, that it's one of the biggest if not the biggest reason I'm experiencing anxiety so much right now.

Yesterday was my first coffee-less day (I did drink some green tea) and my mind just blew 🤯 My anxiety decreased SO much, I didn't have nearly as many negative thoughts. My mind was just more present. On the flip-side I experienced typical withdrawal symptoms: massive headache and tiredness. But not nearly as bad when I quit coffee the first time.

Maybe it's just placebo, maybe quitting coffee can't improve your mental health so much so quickly. But I don't care. I'm still feeling great. My gut says cut coffee and I want to trust my gut.

Coffee doesn't wake you up, it tells your body to enter survival mode. That's not the same thing :/

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