How to sleep like a 6 yr old

I've come to a conclusion that how I sleep directly affects how I feel the next day. So I (try to) prioritize my sleep above all else, since there are very few things that a worth sacrificing good night's sleep for. Here are my tips for better sleep

Blackout curtains πŸͺŸ

Kinda depends on where you live at, but in Finland during summer it's bright even at night so it's a must. At least for me, sleep quality is so much better when I actually sleep in the dark.

No screens before bed πŸ–₯️

Good idea to turn off all your screens 1-2h before bed. I go to sleep 10-11pm so I turn my devices off at 9pm. The only exception is my e-reader since it doesn't tire your eyes.

Wake up the same time, every day πŸ•–

This is a must. Getting your body used to waking up same time every day means it will get tired at the same time every night. I don't have alarms on weekends, but since I wake up 7AM on weekdays, I usually wake up about 7-8AM on weekends without alarm.

Have water next to your bed πŸͺ£

I guess this kinda depends on the person, but I always get thirsty when I sleep. I have a bottle of water next to my bed, which I drink if I wake up during the night.

Don't use drugs β˜•πŸΊπŸƒ

Especially caffeine. Or if you must drink coffee, limit to mornings only (I'm planning to do another post on caffeine!). THC and alcohol might make falling asleep easier but they actually worsen your sleep quality, so beware!

Humidifier πŸ§–β€β™‚οΈ

This also depends on where you live, but in Finland it gets pretty dry at winter time. Humidifier is a must for me to keep the air quality good.

Light alarm πŸ’‘

I recommend buying an alarm clock (or setting something up yourself) which starts slowly (~30min) dimming lights up before the actual alarm goes off. This prepares your body to wake up, you can google on the subject if you're interested in the science.

Phone away from the bed πŸ“±

Keep your phone on silent and away from the bed, you don't need to be available 24/7! This also prevents you from opening your phone if you don't fall asleep immediately, and prevents you from checking the phone first thing in the morning (which makes getting up a lot harder)

White noise πŸ”Š

You might think that absolute silence is the best thing for sleep, but it turns out it's not. In total silence, you're more easily waken by some small background noises which can happen all the time. Having white noise in the background tricks your brain into not paying attention to some other small background voices. I use this Android app for this purpose.

Hopefully with these tips you go from feeling this

Anya sleepy

to this

Anya waky

PS. Joe Rogan has an excellent interview with Matthew Walker where they discuss sleep, check it out!

PPS. Gifs are from Spy x Family

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