How I organize my Spotify

I love when stuff is organized neatly, so of course I've tried to find the best way to organize my music playlists. Only to find out... it's almost impossible. At least for me. Do you create playlists by genre? Or by mood? What if a song fits kinda in list A but kinda in list B? What if it doesn't fit in any of your lists? Okay, create a new playlist. Oh shit, that's your 24th playlist... and looks like you already had a playlist for when you depressed. But that's 3 years old. Should I just create a new one or clean up the old one?

Maybe I'm just creating a problem out of nothing, but it just doesn't work for me. More stress than benefit.

My choice of weapon for music is Spotify. And Spotify has this feature where you can like songs. It's kinda like one playlist, but it's easier to add songs to it (press like vs. add to playlist and select your playlist). So what I do is I just throw all the songs I like into my liked songs. And when the year changes, I move all the songs from my liked songs to a new playlist labeled with a year. This way

  1. I will never have too many songs in my playlist.
  2. I have yearly playlist and can easily jump back to a point in life.

I really like it. It's simple, requires no effort and keeps stuff somewhat organized. I do have some special playlists (like for classical music) for songs I don't normally want to hear, but don't want to find them again each time.

TLDR: All songs into liked songs. New year → move all the songs from liked songs to a playlist labeled with the year.

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