start small

I used to be one of those people who thinks "whatever I do I won't do it partially". It kinda sounds cool at first glance but isn't really desirable trait when you're starting something new. When you're into something, nice, go at it full throttle, but don't use it as an excuse to not try new things. If you wanna run, it's better to run once a week if you don't have time for more runs, than not run at all because "there's no point in doing something partially".

Then, if you really start liking running, you will make more time for it. The point is to reduce friction and make it easy to start a new hobby or whatever. Do what you want to do while you still have the excitement for it. Worry about the rest later.

Yesterday I picked up an used 30€ piano which is pretty shitty to be honest. But right now learning piano is something I wanna do so I decided to start small and quick without investing too much money. I can always upgrade to a better piano later.

Old me would have started to analyze how much money should I spend on my first piano and what's a good first piano instead of just buying the damn thing.

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