Pro tip for stretching

I stretch for 5-10 minutes every morning, just to wake my body up. One of the biggest reasons I've been able to keep this up is because of how easy it is when you're using an interval timer. When using interval timer you don't have to think about how long you still have left in stretch x, whatever you stretched left and right side equally long etc.

You probably wanna turn off the rest times and figure out what's the optimal work time for you. For me it's 40 seconds. You can calculate the # of sets from how many minutes you want to stretch, or what I like to do is just set 99 sets and stop when I feel like it. This way I can stop pretty quickly if I'm not feeling it, and if I am feeling it I can go on as long as I want.

If you're using Android, this is a great app.

TLDR: Use interval timer.

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