Stuff I like right now | August 2022

I'm starting a new monthly post: "Stuff I like right now" (copied from Mike Crittenden)

  • Vagabond - Seinen manga about a swordsman trying to be the best while finding inner peace. Also epic fight scenes 🤺
  • Find Jira issues faster with this shortcut
  • How to automatically setup Git remote branches
  • Been watching a lot of movies recently, here are some good ones
    • American Psycho - Finally watched this one and it's awesome! Makes the memes even funnier
    • Get Out - Great movie which keeps you interested until the very end. Lots of foreshadowing, if you pay attention you can predict like half of the plot :D
    • Ratatouille - I should watch more animated films, this was great and I've probably missed a lot by always ignoring them
  • Morning runs - been running very short runs (~1km) every morning, immediately after waking up, for a few days now. Great way to kickstart your day. I might write a seperate post about this later.

Cool Vagabond panel Cool Vagabond panel

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