Stuff I like right now | September 2022


  • Peaky blinders, a badass TV show about gangsters doing business. Love the main character (he's INTJ just like me 🤪). Not a perfect show but very enjoyable.
  • Vinland Saga, a badass viking manga which will go into totally different direction than you anticipated. Superb art.
  • One Piece (manga, the anime is terrible). I've been enojoying this for a long time but lately been super excited about it now that the final saga started! Previous saga lasted 7 years. It blows my mind just how much foreshadowing and subtle references Oda can do 🤯
  • Real, a manga about wheelchair basketball. I know, doesn't sound very exciting but like always with sports manga, the point is in the characters and their development. From Takehiko Inoue, the guy who created Slam Dunk and Vagabond (so you can expect great art!)
  • Grand Blue, a hilarious manga about... scuba diving? That's what it should be about but it's more about drinking I guess. I thought the first 2 chapters were cringy but been laughing for every chapter after that.

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Vinland Saga, chapter 34 Vinland Saga, chapter 34

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