Take boring pictures

When you're on a holiday, or having a blast otherwise it's not uncommon to take a picture to savor that moment. However, most people (understandably) don't take pictures of their mundane, everyday lives. I love taking these kinds of pictures, after all most of your time is probably mundane and boring, like working or wasting time after work. When I feel like I want to save a particular (boring) moment I just whip out my phone and snap a picture. Sometimes the lightning and composition are bad but that doesn't matter. If the picture is shaken or something, I feel that's just part of the art. High quality thought-out pictures are a different thing altogether.

Here are some examples of what kind of boring pictures I mean:

Views Playing Papers, Please

Views Reading One Piece

Views Drinking tea and doing some productive stuff in a cafe

Views Cross stitch backside

Views Just a picture of my light bulb