Take breaks

I just read Tsuki's latest post which reminded me to write this short post I've been thinking about lately.

If programming (applies to anything else too) is your passion/hobby, you can and should still take breaks. I love doing personal projects and might do them almost every day for a few months and then suddenly lose all motivation. That's when you should take a break and come back to it only when you feel like it.

Took me some time to realize but breaks are completely okay and don't mean you've quit the hobby or something. All the skills and knowledge won't suddenly disappear from your memory if you don't use them for a while. I climb almost every day but recently it has felt like a drag so I took a break. After 3 weeks I was already bored and wanted to start climbing again, now I have more motivation and it's much more fun :)

TLDR: Take breaks. Hobbies are supposed to be fun not work.

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