Update | November 2022

I was on a holiday last week. I was on a roadtrip visiting my friends and family from different cities, and also scouting different areas in Helsinki where I'm gonna move next year.

I was also able to sit on some office chairs (Gesture and Leap V2 from Steelcase and Aeron and Embody from Herman Miller) and I think I'll go with the HM Embody. It just seemed like the most versatile option since I want to use it for both programming and other non-productive stuff (like gaming) when I'm not sitting with a perfect posture.

My monitor broke as well. So the new chair is on hold until I get a new monitor since I feel like it's more important for my productivity. Right now I'm using 24" 1080p monitor from my roommate and man this thing is small :D Still not sure if I'll go with another 34" ultrawide or something bigger this time.

I've also been trying to get back into my regular routine, and it's surprisingly difficult. Well, not surprisingly since I anticipated this, but it is interesting how fast you grow out of your habits. So a pro tip for everybody: if jumping straight back into your regular routine after a holiday seems difficult, start slowly. For example, this morning I meditated only for 2 minutes. I'm increasing that time ~30-60 seconds every morning until I'm at 10 minutes again. Same goes with everything else. This way you don't use all your willpower on your first week back to work.

I've also been planning to start a YouTube channel. Well, I've been planning it for the last 10 years but this time I feel like I might actually manage to do something. Writing this blog has taught me a lot about writing content and will be a great stepping stone to Youtube. I'm not planning to stop writing here, but soon I'll put most of my efforts into learning how to make video essays, so the number of posts here will reduce at least for a while.

I tried to start writing YouTube content a short while ago but all those unfinished blog post drafts started to bother me so I'm going to finish & release them this month, and then start creating those video essays (which will be mostly about anime, manga & other entertainment).

Anyway, I wrote this post mainly to get stuff out of my head. Have a great day 🤙

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