We are fucked

Yesterday I watched a response video to Kurzgesagt's "We WILL Fix Climate Change!" A very interesting video with lots of good points but here's the main thing.

We will reach at least 2 degrees (Celsius) of warming, that's pretty much confirmed. And by current estimates we will reach it around 2060. What happens when we reach 2 degrees? According to the video:

And those are the optimistic predictions for just 2 degrees of warming. Right now it seems like no government is doing shit for this (apart from empty promises), which will lead to even higher temperatures.

Now, how fucked you are depends on where in the world you live. For example Nordic countries are pretty safe; people probably won't die directly from the effects of higher temperatures. But obviously it won't be fun for anyone and everyone's lives will be dramatically affected.

TLDR: We are fucked, and people are stupid. I'm no expert on this topic so check the video if you're interested in this topic.

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