Improvement as a developer

I just did a /projects page for my website. It was fun going over old GitHub repos and seeing what I'd done. I started learning programming in 2019, 2020 was mostly mobile focused stuff and 2021 was more web focused. But going through the repos and writing about them I couldn't help but think how useless they were. Like what the fuck is this? It literally just takes a list of strings and sorts it using .sort((a, b) => a.localeCompare(b)) :D

Of course we all start somewhere and that was one of my first web projects. It was a good learning experience, I remember how I learned to use npm and Tailwind. I did that project few months before I got my current job.

To the point: I've improved tremendously as a developer after I started coding for money. At work you face difficult situations and you have to figure it out, after all, that's what you get paid for. At first it was super overwhelming (still is sometimes) but you learn that no matter the situation, there is and always has been some solution. Just go for a walk and suddenly the solution just magically pops into your mind.

Now smaller personal projects feel easy peasy. It's rarely a question of "how can I do this?" but more of a "what's the best way to do this?". And of course, the real problem now is having time and energy to do any personal projects.

Too bad I don't have any recent open source or public projects. I'm not sure what I'll do with the /projects page, since most of the stuff there isn't something I want to display, but it would feel too bad to not mention them. Maybe I'll create "Project highlights" and "Project archive" section or something 🤔

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