Some of the personal projects I've done, grouped by category. Updating whenever I remember. Mainly for myself to remember what I've done 🤑


Java ☕

Java was the first language I learned. I haven't done much projects with it, but I use it daily at work.

Simple Counter (2019)

  • Super minimal one-tap counter app
  • First project I ever did
  • Goal: learn basic Java development

Flutter 💙

I love how easy it is to build UI with Flutter, tho state management can be pain in the ass sometimes.

Irti nuuskasta! (2019)

  • My first Flutter app
  • Goal: release my first app on Google Play (and learn Flutter)

zoomable_tilt_view (2019)

  • Flutter package
  • Goal: learn how to make a Flutter package
  • Source code

100 reps (2020)

  • Very simple Flutter app for a push-up challenge
  • Goal: learn basic state management.
  • Google Play

Fuel Consumption Tracker (2020)

  • Minimal app to track you car's average fuel consumption
  • Goal: create actually useful app for myself
  • Google Play

Web 🌍

Most of these are quick one-night projects. Also used React quite a lot, though no personal projects with it.

hanki.dev v1 (2020)

  • My very first website :D
  • Had pretty much no web dev experience when I did this
  • Source code

Compound Interest Calculator (🇫🇮) (2020)

  • Web app to calculate compund interest
  • Goal: Learn Bootstrap & jQuery
  • Source code

Name Application (2021)

Alphabetizer (2021)

  • Web app to alphabetize lists
  • Goal: learn npm & Tailwind CSS
  • Source code

git.hanki.dev (2021)

koodikrapula.fi (2021)

timestampper (2021)

  • Used Web app to log timestamps while recording podcasts
  • Source code


abb-get (2019)

  • CLI app to search books from Audiobook Bay
  • Can generate magnet links without logging in
  • Never finished this but still cool project
  • Goal: learn python

Product order bot (2022)

Penthouse Crawler (2022)

  • Telegram bot to scrape Oikotie for top floor apartments
  • Check new apartment periodically once an hour
  • Ability to ban areas, so apartments in that area are ignored
  • Hosted on fly.io