Do it, so you don't have to think about it

2 years ago I was pondering whether I should buy a laptop or upgrade my PC. I did all kinds of pros & cons lists and thought which on was more worth for me, do I want portability or performance? Upgradeability or cleanliness? Ready-to-go machine or a fun project?

I ended up buying a laptop and selling my PC. I don't have that laptop anymore as I sold it and built another PC but it was still wroth it; now I know that I prefer my high-end PC over a laptop. I don't have to think about it anymore. Sure, it was nice to work in a cafe every once in a while but in reality I did it only a couple of times. Now I can't do that but at least I can play games!

The point is, if you notice thinking whether you should buy something or do something for extended period of time, you should probably just do it. It's not about whether it's the best possible decision, but whether it makes you excited. You gain experience and later in life know whatever that thing is something you enjoy.

Picture of building a PC Picture of testing all the parts of my current PC before throwing them in a case

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