Tips on building a PC

I sold my laptop and built myself a gaming PC last week. I've had desktops before, but this was the first time I built a PC from the ground up. Here are some tips I picked along the way.

  • Get a good case, it makes building so much easier! Changing parts is also easier, and you can get clean cable management with little effort.
  • If you're on a budget, make sure your cheap case has good airflow rather than fancy design.
  • Get a good CPU cooler. I tried to use the AMD stock one but got horrible temps and it just didn't sound good.
    • Not sure which one to get? Go with the legendary Noctua NH-D15. It's been the industry standard since 2014 and for a good reason. Just make sure it's compatible with your other parts.
      • Also, the RAM compatibility list is not 100% accurate as you can move the second fan upwards if your RAM is too big. Mine is 34 mm and fits perfectly but according to the list it's not compatible :/
  • Also, be careful when tightening the CPU cooler! Do like half a turn for each screw and repeat. Tightening one screw completely first might fuck things up and cause horrible temps.
  • Buy used parts, if you want to save money. You can get used GPUs for fairly cheap right now. Only parts I wouldn't buy used are MOBO, PSU and SSDs/HDDs.
    • Motherboard because they are pretty fragile and could easily have some stuff broken.
    • PSU because your whole system depends on it and could wreck everything in the worst case.
    • SSDs/HDDs because they have finite lifespan.
  • Buy M.2 SSD if you want easier and cleaner build. Buy SATA SSD if you want to save money. There is some speed difference but it doesn't matter as they're both super fast anyway.

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