Stuff I like right now | November 2022


  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Most memable anime on earth. Has 8 different parts, each part follows different JoJo character who are all related. Very over-the-top and enjoyable series, not sure if the manga or anime is better. Only critique is that the first part is kinda boring, but luckily it's pretty short (Part 1 of the manga, or 9 episodes of the first season)
  • Vastustamaton (🇫🇮) - New album from one of my favorite artists, I've listened this like 10 times already.
  • Trash Taste - My favorite podcast right now. 3 guys talking about everything, but mostly arguing about food.
  • One Cut of The Dead - Absolutely love this movie. The less you know about this, the better. Let's just say that it's super meta and don't judge the movie from it's first 30 minutes (it will make sense :D)

Not entertainment

  • OpenAI text completion - I feel like this thing is climpse to the future 🚀Unfortunetely I haven't been able to test this yet.
  • Cross stitching - I've been doing this some night while listening to podcasts after I started limiting my internet usage.
  • NewPipe - Lightweight privacy friendly YouTube client for Android.
  • Heavy Thunderstorm Sounds - I've been playing this in the background on some nights when I go to sleep.
  • Meri bottle - High quality stainless steel bottle which looks great. I have this on my desk all the time.

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