22 thoughts on turning 22

Herman recently turned 30 (happy birthday man! 🥳) and did a post called 30 thoughts on turning 30. The idea and the list were both great, so of course I immediately wanted to copy him.

I just turned 22 years old; that's 8,035 days. If I had to guess, I've spent maybe 9 hours a day in front of a computer, on average. That's 72,315 hours. I wonder if I'll go blind or something when I'm old.

I still feel very young, and considered how much progress (or change, depending on how you look at it) I've made in just in the last 2 years I can confidently say I'm still just a kid who has absolutely no idea what he's doing. I guess that what makes this fun, eh?

Here are 22 life lessons I've learned so far :)

1. Happiness is constant improvement

That's why I'm so invested in self-improvement and pushing myself constantly. Can't stay put for too long.

2. Life goes in cycles

I've noticed that my life always goes in 2 cycles: the grindset cycle and the rest cycle. The rest cycles are boring but relaxing, and the grind cycle is where real progress is made. Each usually lasts from 2 weeks to 2 months.

3. Sleep quality = life quality

The better you sleep, the better you will feel the next day. I have a post about it.

4. Invest in ergonomics

If you have a desk-job, invest in your work gear. You use them 10 hours a day. Get a good chair, good keyboard, good mouse etc.

5. You'll never be ready

Might sound strange, but this is something I learned from anime. No matter how hard you practice, you will never be ready, you just have to go and beat that final boss. So take risks, do stuff and that's where the real improvement comes from!

6. Social media bad

Need I say more? Your brain wasn't evolved to see hundreds of pictures every day of what other people (most of which aren't even your friends) are doing. You shouldn't see that shit.

7. You have a very bad memory

That's why it's important to write things out. A second brain so to speak, one of the best things I ever started doing.

8. Relationships are an investment

As adults everyone is busy and you don't accidentally end up hanging together. Actively make plans and do interesting stuff. Mutual struggling builds relationships, that's why everyone is such a bro to each other in the army.

9. Choose your friends carefully

You are an average of the n people you spend most time with. It's a cliche but it's true, and 90% of their influence is unconscious.

10. You are what you eat

Usually less processed food is better. Get enough vitamins, whether it is from food or tablets.

11. Free time > money

What good is your money if you don't have any time or energy to spend it? I work 3 days a week and haven't regretted it for a second.

12. Exercise

Take care of your body, it's worth it. It can also be fun.

13. Meditate

Meditation has made one of the biggest effects on me, yet it's the most difficult one to explain. It creates headspace, whatever that means to you. It's also not as awesome as blog posts (like this) make it out to be, but it still is... super awesome? Weird, I know.

14. Drugs are an escape

Drugs affect your brain and they affect the way you think (both short & long term). They can also be fun and useful, so be careful of what you use and how much. This includes coffee.

15. Habits are the key

You are what you do, and you don't need discipline or motivation to do difficult things. You need good habits, and luckily they're pretty easy to form once you know the tricks (and the tricks your own brain plays to avoid doing them). Atomic Habits is a good place to start.

16. Remote work is king

No commute times. No distractions. Absolute peace.

17. Get a good vacuum cleaner

Even though I have small apartment I used to dread vacuuming. Then I bought Dyson V8 and now vacuuming is super fast task, I just need to whip out my Dyson and drag it on the floor for a while. So buy a cordless vacuum cleaner, it's worth it.

18. Stress/benefit ratio

Just because something is cool doesn't mean it's necessarily worth it. Riding motorcycles is fun af. In Finland it's also expensive af, and it requires maintenance. So the time and money spent on it is not worth it for me. Tomas Vik has an excellent post about this.

19. Start with MVP

Starting a new hobby? No point in going all-out with the gear, just buy the minimal stuff required and see if you'll like it. There's a high change it's just a momentary inspiration and you'd just regret investing a lot of money into it. Another thing I picked up from Tomas Vik, see Iteration.

20. Make your home cozy

I spend most of my time inside the same 4 walls. I also work from home. Investing in furniture, decoration items, paintings, home automation, plants, cozy lights, just everything that makes you feel more cozy at your home is worth it.

21. Simple wardrobe gives freedom

I always have black jeans (I have 2 of the same pair) and a black or white T-shit (7 copies of both, I think). I have a few different shoes which rotate depending on the season and where I'm going. The only thing that changes is my hoodie/sweatshirt and jacket if I need one. I love the simplicity, also means I can invest in quality shirts.

22. It doesn't matter

You'll be dead in a hundred years. Another hundred years from that and no one remembers you anymore. It doesn't matter what you do, just enjoy the ride. And breathe.

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