When you're feeling unproductive

Tsuki recently posted about feeling unproductive, even when doing lots of stuff. Relatable, I used to feel unproductive quite often, even when doing lots of things. Still do sometimes but I've learned to handle the feeling better. The problem isn't that I haven't done enough, it's just a feeling that I haven't done enough even though I have. I don't know if these tips work for you but they certainly helped me 🤙

When you're feeling unproductive...

Turn off your screens and go for a walk

Probably my favorite one, even though it's difficult sometimes. Fresh air can really make a difference and studies show that walking increases blood supply to the brain. There haven't been many times when I still feel unproductive after a good walk.

Listen to podcasts & clean your house

When it's shitty weather or something, I do this. Podcasts keep your mind occupied (distraction from thinking about productivity) and organised house is not only satisfying it helps you focus. Also, cleaning is physically doing something and when you're feeling overwhelmed you should actually do more not less.


Took me years to get to this point but now I actually enjoy physical exercising whether it's running or climbing or whatever. If you haven't already exercised that day, do something which makes you sweaty and sore and I guarantee you won't feel unproductive after that.

Write a journal

Sometimes, just picking up a notepad and writing something on it can help. Just start writing, whatever pops into your mind. I don't know why this helps, maybe there's some unconscious stress on your mind which causes the feeling of unproductivity.

Passive things which help in the long run

See the bigger picture

I don't know if it's just me but when I keep overthinking about productivity, it's never because I have actually been unproductive. It's probably from tiredness or whatever. If I actually haven't been productive, I know it and act on it. I won't have to second guess.


Closely related to the previous point. Meditation teaches to be in the present and not worry about stuff like "am I productive enough?". See easy way to learn meditation

Consistency > intensity

You don't have to be the president by the next week. Don't overstress, doing small improvements consistently is enough. I know it's a cliche but 1.01³⁶⁵ = 78. What even is the point of being super productive if you only manage to keep it up for a week or two?


I already mentioned this above but it's also a passive thing. Exercising improves mood, and when you do it regularly your base mood is higher → it's less likely to start stressing about being productive.

Quit social media

Social media bad, do I need to say more? Social media is fake, seeing people doing awesome stuff and grinding 25/7 affects your brain. You will unconsciously start putting more pressure on yourself to be 'successful' like they are (=seem to be).

These are just which came quickly into my mind, I will probably update the list if I come up with something else. Let me know if you got some tips, I might add them into the post!

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