Make it easy

I recently started running. Running sucked at first, so I used 2 tricks to make it easier:

  1. Run with a friend

Running with a friend is so much easier, at least for me. First, ditching the run when you've already agreed to go with someone is much harder than when you've planned to go alone. It's easier to keep running when someone's struggling with you, and if you have easy pace you can talk about stuff which makes it more pleasant. Finishing the run is also more fun when you're sharing the victory with someone.

  1. Run in the morning

I love sleeping and am a morning person. I've noticed that building habits and doing stuff which requires effort is easier in the morning, when your brain isn't yet full of distractions and thoughts. So I often go for a run first thing in the morning. It's an absolute great way to kickstart your day. Morning runs for me are shorter, but that doesn't really matter since not all runs need to be new PRs.

So when you want to build a habit make it easy. For me it usually means doing it in the morning, or make it more fun some other way. If you're interested in habits read or listen to Atomic Habits, one of my favorite non-fiction books!